Shandong Shenghua Energy Engineering Design Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is located in the beautiful city of Jinan. It is the development of new energy and related new technologies such as thermoelectric engineering, municipal engineering, thermal engineering design and installation, ground source heat pump and air source heat pump. Application and engineering general contracting as one integrated enterprise. The company has abundant human resources and complete professional support. Now it has  has 21 full-time designers, including 5 senior engineers, 2 registered structural engineers, 2 registered construction engineers, intermediate titles and junior titles. Yu Ming, established a computer network covering the whole company, realized office automation, design CAD and engineering three-dimensional design, computer drawing rate reached 100%, has strong research and development capabilities and rich engineering experience in the field of heating engineering. .

The management mechanism of our company is efficient and flexible. It is a high-level design institute with high quality, credibility and first-class pursuit. On the basis of highlighting the professionalism of thermal design, in order to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, our company actively develops technology and practice in the field of new energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, and jointly promotes desulfurization technology with universities and technical patent units, and simultaneously The upstream and downstream materials, equipment suppliers and special technology construction units with advanced technology and reliable quality in the industry have established strategic cooperation, and have steadily improved the quality of project results, and promoted the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the social economy, environment and the company. Since its establishment, the company has successfully completed more than 600 engineering design projects, and has completed more than 30 million square meters of engineering design area. After confirming that the design quality is qualified, it has been fully put into operation.

Based on reality, look to the future. Shandong Shenghua Energy Engineering Design Co., Ltd. always adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer Supreme”, adheres to science and technology as the guide, and relies on strong technical force and perfect quality management assurance system to design in thermal engineering design and engineering site. We strive to strive for excellence and adhere to the "timely, enthusiastic, high-quality, comprehensive" service. Dedicated to the energy industry, to protect the blue sky and green water, Shandong Shenghua Energy Engineering Design Co., Ltd. will cooperate with you wholeheartedly to make greater contributions to the blue sky cause!


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